NEW Zeeion™ Blower™ from VisibleDust keeps static, dust and projectiles out of the cleaning process!

February 3, 2009

VisibleDust introduces the Zeeion™ Blower™!

VisibleDust introduces the Zeeion™ Blower™

Unlike comparable products, this unique blower prevents static, dust and projectiles from being introduced to your camera during the cleaning process.

Anti Static Property – Silicon-RX is a unique compound used in construction of the ZEEION™ blower to prevent static from being generated by rubber. Ordinary blowers made of regular rubber increase static charges, but the ZEEION™ blower allows oppositely charged air molecules to be blown at dust on your sensor surface. This neutralizes any static charges for easier and more efficient dust removal and prevents dust from re-attaching to the surface.

Dust Free Ejection – A one -way valve at the front end of the ZEEION™ blower prevents dust intake during the bulb expansion. The intake of air occurs from the back end of the bulb – far from the contamination source. Cleaner air is ejected to the surface unlike ordinary blowers.

Projectile Free – Small filters (less than 20 microns) at both ends of the blower prevent the intake of particles (such as sand or quartz) that are found in your everyday environment, resulting in a particle-free air ejection. This feature eliminates projectiles from the cleaning process which can cause nicks or cuts on the sensor.

A final protection measure is the soft safety cap in front of the nozzle which prevents damage in case of contact with the sensor.
VisibleDust products are distributed in Canada by Amplis Foto Inc.