Packing Instructions

Ensure your equipment is properly packed before sending for repair

packagePack your equipment so there is no room for movement

Use two boxes. Find a box that just fits your equipment. Inside this box, house
your equipment in a sealed bag (to protect from lint) and then use materials such as foam chips or newspaper to secure your equipment in place. The packing should be very tight. Make sure your equipment does not have room to move around. We strongly recommend that you pack this box inside another box that is lined with additional filler materials.

Make sure you label your package

You should clearly label your box with “From” and “To” addresses. We strongly recommend that you cover
the label with clear tape to ensure it is protected from water or tearing during shipping.

Include a detailed problem description &  provide contact information

Inside the box, please write a detailed description of your problem. We recommend you include supporting accessories (i.e. if you send in a Quantum battery, include the battery charger) if there is a power issue. If you have a focusing issue, please include negative and/or a printed image. Make sure you include your contact information (tel, fax, email) and a return address.