Amplis is proud to present our new product line: LAB-BOX.

The first multiformat, daylight-loading film developing tank is here! Processing your films has never been this easy.

LAB-BOX is the easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light,  anywhere and at anytime, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark.

  • DayLight – LAB-BOX allows to develop film from start to end in full day-light, bypassing the need for a darkroom.
  • MULTI-FORMAT LAB-BOX has two interchangeable modules and reels for 135 and 120 films.
  • QUICK AND EASY LAB-BOX is the fastest and the easiest way to develop film rolls, anywhere and at anytime.

About ars-imago

ars-imago international is the second company of the ars-imago group. Started in 2004 in Switzerland ( with the aim to offer to all the lover of the analogic photography an important place to find products and share. In 2009 ars-imago opened the shop in Rome very close to the Vatican. Starting 2011 we are Partern Store of the Impossible Project and distributors of many labels in Italy such as Pictorico, Lumi, Paterson, Rollei, Adox and many more.

We are committed to photography.


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