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REALPRO Filters with ASC anti-stain coating are made in Japan to Kenko’s highest standards.

Using the best quality glass for maximum light transmission, the knurled edge easy-grip filters feature SLIM Black Almite frames and black rimmed glass to eliminate unwanted flare, vignetting and ghosting.

Kenko’s world-renowned products include the REALPRO series, which include a complete line of Protector, UV, Circular Polarizer and Specialty filters; Step Rings; Extension Tubes; Teleconverters and LensClips for smart phones.

Choose Quality, Choose Kenko REALPRO.

Kenko Lens Filters

Kenko TeleConverter

Kenko Extension Tube
Extension Tube

Kenko Lens Protector
Lens Protector

Kenko Lens Clip
Lens Clip


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