Aurora Lite Bank now distributed by Amplis Foto

February 26th, 2013

Aurora Lite Bank is pleased to announce a new distribution partner in Canada, Amplis Foto Inc.

The complete range of products from studio strobes, to softboxes, flash accessories and revolutionary light shapers such as the Firefly XL introduced at Photokina will soon be in stock in Canada.

Kevin Ko, President and Founder of Aurora Lite Bank, says “It is an honour to appoint Amplis Foto Inc. as our distributing partner in Canada. We look forward to this great opportunity to be working with a reliable and professional team”.

Amplis Foto’s President, Hayley Ohlig, adds “Aurora’s exciting range of innovative products at an exceptional value is an excellent choice for photographers. We look forward to continuing to build the brand here in Canada and will honour the warranty for products currently in the market to thank retailers and customers for their support of Aurora throughout the years.”

Established in 1993 in Korea, Aurora Lite Bank began producing softboxes made with unique black material with embossed silver lining and evenly diffusing baffle. When introduced to the world at Photokina 1996 they became an immediate sensation with appreciation towards their high quality of products and competitive pricing. Aurora’s goal is to create the most powerful, beautiful and efficient light for photographers.

Here are just a few of Aurora’s innovate products:

Firefly Series
With an optional deflector mounted on the centre pole, the Firefly turns into a perfect beauty dish and creates a nice round catch light in the subject’s eyes. In addition, the photographer can put a diffuser on to create a much more diffused light and softer shadows. Firefly’s foldable and yet durable frame is carefully designed for hotshoe mounted flash users. Being portable and light weight, Firefly II is recommended for both indoor and outdoor portrait photography. The deflector is designed for easy mounting. It is mounted on to the centre pole via a screw thread and thanks to the umbrella mechanism the Firefly II is also simple to assemble and pack up. The embossed lining of the centre deflector creates even reflection which eliminates the potential for a hot spot.
aurora_3 Microbox MBS
This effective modifier features a large front diffusion panel and white coated lining. The MBS creates soft, diffused light and soften shadows. Also, the two flaps on top and bottom can be opened to create to various effects. A double layer diffusion system on the center of front diffusion panel reduces hot spots and folds flat for easy storage. Sizes – 15x20cm, 13x17cm, 10x14cm, 9x12cm, and 20x28cm
Lite Panel
Each Lite Panel set comes complete in a carry bag with fabric, supporting rods, ball head adapter and stand with a max height of 160cm. The ball head adapter allows for free and easy rotation of the panel. Assembly is achieved by inserting the supporting rods into the ball head adapter and four corners of the fabric panel.
Optional reflector panels are available separately in 6 different color combinations; silver/black, silver/white, black/white, silver/gold, softgold/white and translucent. Sizes – 80x80cm, 80x120cm, 100x180cm, and 100x220cm

In conjunction with Amplis Foto becoming the exclusive distributor of Aurora Lite Bank products in Canada, Amplis will be transitioning away from Photoflex as of April 1, 2013
Aurora products are distributed in Canada by Amplis Foto Inc.